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Innovattion by Mobile x Cloud Learn more

Join facilitates communication among medical professionals by enabling the sharing of patient information both inside and outside the hospital in a highly secure environment.


Better prehospital collaboration Learn more

JoinTriage provides quick and accurate triage to paramedics and suggests appropriate destination medical institutions so that patients can receive the necessary treatment as soon as possible.


Connecting people, medicine, and nursing care Learn more

Team seamlessly connects medical and nursing care services and supports multi-professional collaboration. Operation records can be registered on tablet devices, and sharing information and colaboration with other professionals can be done on the Team cloud system.


Wide range of healthcare support Learn more

MySOS is an application that keeps a record of your and your family's health and medical care, and supports a smooth response to emergencies.


Get better medicines faster Learn more

Enroll is a patient-recruiting solution that leverages the Join network of healthcare professionals as well as its advanced technology to promote the introduction of clinical trials to patients and provide referrals to study sites.

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