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Allm proposes a new form of healthcare by connecting people, healthcare and nursing care for a better future of healthcare.

With digital technology and know-how related to medical ICT, we are developing business in the medical field through various approaches.

Medical platform

We are focused on creating a digital healthcare platform that enables all areas related to healthcare to benefit from technology.

We provide application solutions to improve communication and business operations by leveraging our unique expertise in combination of mobile devices and cloud services.

Digital medical service

Healthcare service solutions using digital tools.

Through the use of digital healthcare solutions, we contribute to the development of social activities by realizing digitalization in the medical field, local governments, and pharmaceutical development.

Join Control
Healthcare delivery status support solution

Join LiveView
Hospital live streaming solution

OPE shares
Surgical live streaming service

Infectious disease control solutions

Remote health monitoring solution
Team × MySOS collaborating system

Medical platform services

Promoting the use of mobile medical devices and real world data through medical platforms

By providing mobile medical devices and medical data, we contribute to increasing the access to quality care and developing new insurance products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

The high quality portable retinal camera

Nursing Care Support System

Medical Exam Support Kit

Medical data utilization services

Healthcare Services for MIBYOU*

We are pioneering a new healthcare area of business that meets the needs of each individual

We are developing a facility that offers PCR testing using RT-PCR equipment, measurement of exercise capacity, and hands-on experience with the latest accessibility equipment.

PCR Testing & Sports Ability Measurement Lab

*MIBYOU refers to both “a state in which there are no subjective symptoms but there are abnormalities on examination” and “a state in which there are subjective symptoms but there are no abnormalities on examination”. “What is MIBYOU?”, Japan Mibyou Association.

Partner cooperation

Introduction of initiatives throgh partner cooperation

Based on Allm’s medical platform, we will provide solutions to solve various issues that arise in the medical field in collaboration with a wide range of partner companies.

Join AI Connect
AI diagnostic support solution

Foot Care Navi
Join × Enroll – Support for prevention of severe foot lesion

Information for Medical Professionals

The contents of this page are intended for medical professionals and are not intended to provide information to the general public.

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