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Join A communication app for medical professionals

Communication in the medical field innovated by a combination of mobile devices and cloud services

“I need advice ASAP…how can I reach a specialist?” It’s a typical scenario – the ER team needs information, and fast. Join provides it at the tap of a screen. Join is a communication app designed for physicians and other medical professionals. By enabling connections with PACS (picture archiving and communication systems) and other system; Join allows professionals to share medical information in order to understand the patient’s medical condition.


  • 2020 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards 'Nikkei Business Daily Awards'


  • Multi-Device Compatibility

    Compatible with PC (Windows OS, Mac OS) browsers for web browsing (the latest versions of Google Chrome and FireFox). It is seamlessly linked with application, making it convenient for checking on a large screen or when working on a PC at your desk.
    EEG linkage function that allows you to share the data extracted from the electroencephalograph and display it as a waveform is availble on browsers for remote EEG diagnosis. Please contact us for details.
    *Optional functions
  • Activate Communication

    Various ways of communication such as messaging, sending images, voice and video call allow you to share medical information smoothly and effectively, anytime and anywhere. Administrator approval enables inter-hospital collaboration as well as further communication between medical personnel.
  • Cooperation with Inner-hospital Systems

    Cooperating with PACS and other inner-hospital systems allows medical images on Cloud server to be shared with members by posting them in a chat room. You can see medical images such as MRI, CT, etc. and also write, edit, and save them using DICOM viewer, which is provided as a standard function.
  • Streaming Live Feed Video

    You can check live feed streamed video in real time from inside and/or outside of the hospital by installing cameras in wards, ICUs, operating rooms, etc. by connecting these with "Join".
    *This function is optional
  • Ambulance Tracker

    You can track the location of affiliated ambulances, enabling complete preparation for surgery by the time an ambulance arrives at a hospital. Also, you can record emergency medical events as timestamp data.
  • High Level Security

    The security measures below are implemented to maximize the protection of customer privacy:
    • Anonymity processing for patients’ personal information by gateway server
    • Encrypting chat data which was saved on device
    • Encrypting by using VPN connection between Inner-hospital system and Cloud
    • TLS/SSL encryption between devices and Cloud
    • Preventing unauthorized access by requiring passcode at application startup
    • Non-downloadable medical images (clearing cache each time)
    • ISMS (ISO27001) certified


  • Realtime and simultaneity

    Push notifications can be sent not only one-on-one but also to groups, enabling efficient information collaboration in real time.

  • Multi-device compatibility

    Join is compatible with iOS, Android, and the latest versions of web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

  • Access to DICOM images

    Medical images (DICOM standard) can be accessed from anywhere via a dedicated DICOM viewer.

  • Advanced security

    Join is HIPAA, EU GDPR and ISO27001 compliant, and complies with 3 national ministries’ 2 guidelines. In addition, patient information is anonymized and shared through encrypted communication.

  • EMR connectivity

    Join can be linked to electronic medical records to refer to prescription data, test data, etc. *Optional

  • Obtained medical device certification worldwide

    Join has obtained medical device certifications in Japan, the United States (FDA), Europe (CE), Brazil, and Saudi Arabia.

Utilization of Join

  • Use Join as a Hub for Medical System

    Join has been certified as a medical device program in Japan, USA, Europe, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. By linking with PACS and other hospital systems, medical image data (MRI, CT, X-ray), electronic medical records*, test data*, prescriptions*, and live streaming video* (ER, ICT, vital monitoring, etc.) can be viewed and shared.
    *Optional features
  • Wide Range of Use from in a Hospital to Inter-hospital Collaboration

    Inside and outside a hospital
    Join allows you to share medical information smoothly by messaging or sending images not only inside the hospital but also when a specialized physician is off-site (for example, during nighttime and/or holidays).

    For inter-hospital collaboration
    Collaboration with several hospitals facilitates case consultation and patient referral. In emergency cases, hospitals can exchange patients information instantly and optimize emergency transportations.


  • Facilitate seamless collaboration

    It supports seamless, patient-centered medical care by enabling secure communication and medical data sharing among medical professionals.

  • Strengthen multidisciplinary cooperation

    Facilitating communication accelerates collaboration between professions. For example, patient data can be shared between paramedics and the hospital before the ambulance arrives at the hospital, and helps to save time.

  • Borderless medical collaboration

    Community medical collaboration is possible not only within a hospital, but also with other hospitals and clinics. It is also possible to collaborate with medical institutions not only in the same area, but also between cities and outside the country.

  • Monitoring from outside the hospital

    The streaming function (optional) allows users to view real-time video of the hospital from outside the hospital. For example, you can check on surgeries or the status of hospitalized patients through the streaming function.

  • Assistance with patient referrals

    By connecting clinics and hospitals, a family doctor can chat with a specialist. This will contribute to streamlining the process of referring patients to specialty hospitals.

  • Work style reform

    By being able to consult in real time while sharing medical images via Join chat, it becomes easier to determine whether a condition is urgent or not. This reduces the number of unnecessary calls and contributes to changing the way doctors work.

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    It is a supporting system for prevention of severe foot lesion utilizing Join and Enroll.
    Foot Care Navi activates communication among multiple facilities, departments, and professions with the chat function of Join, and standardizes the information conveyed with Enroll, so that consultation matters can be conveyed and this enables consultations with specialists based on appropriate information, facilitating patient referrals to specialized facilities before they become severe, and early intervention by specialists to prevent foot lesions from becoming more severe.

Medical device registrations

Join has been certified as a medical device program under the "Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Law",on November 25, 2014.

The device is listed as a system for providing general image diagnosis workstations. The registered product name is "A program for a general image diagnosis Join."
Certification number: 227AOBZX00007Z00
Classification category: Designated controlled medical device

"Join", a program for general-purpose diagnostic imaging systems, is a medical device that was approved for insurance coverage in a category of the insurance coverage provisions for new functions and technologies by the Central Social Insurance Medical Council established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on January 27, 2016. And the coverage has started on April 1, 2016.

PMDA: Class II
FDA: Class I
CE: Class I
SFDA:Low-Risk Medical Device


How does Join integrate with hospital imaging systems to receive and view DICOM images?
A gateway server software is installed on the client environment, taking the qualified images from modalities directly (PACS, etc.), and anonymizes images so no PID (patient indentified information)exsists. The information is then transferred to the Join cloud on AWS or other cloud patners through a secure VPN connection. DICOM images available on the Join cloud will be securely served to users through streaming rather that direct downloads.
How Join can be set up in my institution?
Our team of workflow consultants and IT engineers will carefully listen to the situation of each individual institution and implement Join appropriately according to the existing environment. Please contact us and request your interest in Join.
Can the system be linked to an electronic medical record system?
Yes, you can. Although it is a separate option, possible to import test and prescription information from electronic medical records. Please contact us for details on how to link. In addition, case and time stamp data can be output in CSV and PDF formats from the Join management screen, and can be reflected in the electronic medical record.
How do you ensure safety when using it with smartphones?
Join is a medical device that complies with 3 ministries and 2 guidelines and is approved for medical devices; it allows speedy viewing of medical images in DICOM format and prevents accidental leakage from the device, as images are never downloaded from the cloud to the device. It has a high level of security for handling medical information, including appropriate encryption and anonymization of data, as well as OS authentication with additional authentication at the application layer.
How can hospital control who sees what in Join?
Once Join is installed in a hospital, an administrator (or multiple administrators) within the hospital is appointed to create and manage groups (also called chat rooms) on Join. Groups are usually created to include all members of a care team for a certain condition or department. The administrator can create groups, add members, and delete members.
Is it possible to intergrate with exising systems?
Join has an integration function that allows you to launch the Join application from other applications or web systems and share messages. Other linking functions require separate system development. Please contact us for more details.

Information for Medical Professionals

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