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Enroll Patient-recruiting solution

Get better medicines faster

Clinical trials must proceed without delays in order for innovative medicines to reach patients in need as quickly as possible. For some trials, identifying eligible patients can be a challenge and it could take significant period of time to recruit sufficient number of candidates. It is essential to find and qualify as many patients in an efficient and timely manner.

Enroll is a patient-recruiting solution that leverages the Join network of healthcare professionals as well as its advanced technology to promote the introduction of clinical trials to patients and provide referrals to study sites. Its eligibility checklist (Enroll app) and medical images are shared amongst medical professionals via Join to support patient referrals and consultations. The system can be used not only in the clinical trial phase, but also in the post-marketing phase. Enroll solution includes installation, system licenses as well as customer support service to assist efficient referrals.


  • High accuracy in patient referrals

    Enroll enables medical professionals to share the checklists and accompanying test results, including medical images, and enables physician in charge of the trial to review eligibility prior to patient transfer. This ensures high accuracy and chance of enrolling while complying with trial protocols.

    • Prior sharing of medical images enables eligibility assessment prior to transfer
    • Checklist to prevent oversight of inspection results, selection criteria and exclusion criteria
    • Secure inter-hospital collaboration with Join
    • Chat-based customer support for Enroll via Join
  • Eligibility Criteria Checklist

    The eligibility checklist (Enroll app) is based upon selection and exclusion criteria specified in your clinical trial protocols.

    Protocols, which are often carried around in printed booklets, can now be always reviewed on your smartphone or tablet, anytime and anywhere. You are likely to benefit more out of our solution if you are involved in multiple clinical trials in parallel.


  • Patient introduction that matches the criteria

    The referring physician introduces the patient via Join chat along with medical images and an eligibility checklist to ensure a high likelihood of inclusion.

  • Utilizing a neweork of medical institutions

    Patient referrals from medical institutions in the vicinity of the clinical trial site will enable patient recruitment throughout the region.

  • Digitalization of protocols

    Protocols distributed to investigators and collaborating physicians have been converted from booklets to digital format, and those can be checked anytime, anywhere using smartphones.

Utilization of Enroll

  • Use within a hospital

    In addition to primary physician's patients, eligible candidates may be sourced from other departments or even other participating facilities. Establishing a collaborative network of physicians and the related facilities via Join allows efficient and smooth consultation and referrals, maximizing chances of enrolling.

    Our solution is beneficial not only for the relevant physicians, but also CRAs, CRCs, pharmacist and other clinical professionals. Join's chat capability facilitates quick and effortless communication when assessing eligibilities of patients, so that key information is coordinated amongst all relevant parties for potential inclusion.
  • Outside the hospital

    A patient referral and consultation system can be established between hospitals in the same medical districts. By sharing the eligibility checklist (Enroll app) and medical images between the referral source medical institution and the referring investigational medical institution via Join, it is possible to refer eligible patients and remotely consult with patients regarding their eligibility for clinical trials.

    By using Enroll, clinical trial sites will be able to efficiently attract patients from the region and expand the options for clinical trial design.


  • Eliminate the lack of test subjects

    Utilizing Join community medical collaboration network, we can contribute to shortening the duration and reducing the cost of clinical trials by collecting subjects that meet the protocols within the area.

  • Extensive support

    To provide technical support to investigators and referring physicians, we actively provide information and exchange opinions on clinical trials to support a series of activities up to the completion of the trial.

  • Digitalization of clinical trials

    Medical images can be provided by the referring physician through Join, it allows to get more reliable referrals. In addition, by using Join, it is possible to remotely hold a central decision-making committee meeting.

  • Using of post-marketing phase

    It can be used not only for clinical trials, but also for post-marketing PMS and disease awareness initiatives. The scheme can be flexibly adjusted to meet your needs.

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