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  1. What are “cookies”?

    A “cookie” is a small text file that is stored on your computer (or on an internet-accessible device such as a smartphone or tablet) when you access a website. A “cookie” may be used to collect information such as the number of visits to a certain website and specific pages visited from your computer or device. For more details on information we collect and analyze from Cookies, see “2. Information We Collect from Cookies” below.

  2. Information We Collect from Cookies

    The Site collects and analyzes the following information from Cookies.

    • Cookies
    • IP addresses
    • Types of devices used to access the Site
    • Mobile device IDs (if accessed from a mobile phone, smartphone, or tablet)
    • Internet browsers used to access the Site
    • Language preferences on your Internet browser
    • Pages visited as well as exit pages
    • Platform type
    • Number of clicks
    • Domain name
    • Landing page
    • Number and order of page views
    • URL of each page visited
    • Viewing time for each page visited
    • Date and time when your activities took place on the Site

    From Cookies, we will not collect any personal information not entered by yourself. Nevertheless, we may match and/or associate other information we own (including, without limitation, personal information entered by customers on “Contact” page of the Site, personal information entered by customers/users through products such as our apps, and anonymized/pseudonymized information provided to us by third parties such as medical institutions) with information we collect from Cookies. In such cases, information we collect from Cookies, in combination with such other information, may fall under personal information. In the event information we collect from Cookies should fall under personal information, we will manage and use such information in compliance with Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan (Act No. 57 of 2003, as amended), relevant governmental guidelines, other relevant laws and regulations, and our Privacy Policy.

  3. Purpose of Our Use of Cookies

    1. To improve usefulness

      We use cookies to optimize the country/language settings on our content for you based on your country/language settings upon your past visits to the Site.

    2. To monitor your use of the Site and improve its services

      The Site uses Google’s Google Analytics to monitor your use of the Site and improve its services. Information collected, recorded, and analyzed by Google Analytics does not include personally identifiable information. These data will be managed by Google in accordance with its privacy policy.

    3. Advertisements

      The Site uses Google’s remarketing functions to display advertisements when a customer who has previously visited the Site visits a particular page. In such case, Cookies will be used to track your browsing history.
      If you do not wish to have such advertisements displayed upon your Site visits, visit the following page and disable use of Cookies.

  4. Disabling Your Cookies

    Many Internet browsers accept cookies by default, but you can disable cookies in whole or part in your browser settings. If you disable cookies, some features of the Site may not be available. For instructions on how to change your cookie settings, visit official support pages for your browser. Please follow the links below to visit support pages for some of the popular browsers:

  5. Amendments to Our Cookie Policy

    Our Cookie Policy may be amended or modified without prior notice to customers. Check our Cookie Policy regularly upon your use of the Site. The most recent version of our Cookie Policy supersedes any and all previous versions.