Eliminate disparities in medical information and inequitable healthcare
A relentless challenge for the future

Borderless sharing of knowledge, experience, data, and communication is essential to building a next-generation healthcare system.

We believe that a communication platform using cloud technology and smart devices can support a seamless medical and nursing care system, education and international cooperation among healthcare professionals.

I want to eliminate gaps in medical information

As medical technology becomes more advanced, medical specialties are deepening and knowledge is dispersing, so information coordination and collaboration, not only among doctors but also among multiple professions, are becoming essential for improving medical outcomes. I believe our role is to eliminate disparities in medical information and inequitable medical care, by creating a system that allows medical professionals to make choices and judgments with more information and cooperation, that is not only acceptable to practitioners, but also to patients and their families, and that can be optimized in the community and international society as a whole, without relying on medical professionals struggling alone in the field.

Making medical ICT an export industry

I believe Japan should take the initiative in developing technologies and building systems that can contribute to the world, and create a framework that will enable continuous and sustainable business with international support overseas. Japan is currently in a state of excessive imports of both medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, but I believe medical ICT will become a considerable market and a platform for international support in the future, riding on the rapidly advancing DX (digitalization) trend in the medical industry triggered by the new corona virus countermeasure. By using Japan’s medical resources to support areas where medical resources are in short supply through remote medical treatment using medical ICT, we hope to make Japan’s medical care an international support and export industry. With this in mind, we will continue to focus on technological development and quickly deploy the products we have created globally.

By utilizing the technologies we have cultivated, we will continue to take on the challenge of eliminating disparities and mismatches in medical care through the power of ICT to realize fair medical welfare for all people around the world, without fear of failure and with an eye on the future.