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Team A solution for total community healthcare system

Connecting people, medicine, and nursing care

Team is a solution that seamlessly connects medical and healthcare services and supports multi-professional collaboration.
It enables smooth multi-professional collaboration by recording transfer items and patient status on tablet devices and enabling real-time information sharing among multiple professions on the Team cloud system.


  • Team Cloud System

    The Team cloud system supports local healthcare and nurcing care collaboration for 24/7 by allowing careprovideres to share daily information on healthcare and nursing care users.
  • Works with the tablet application

    By linking with the tablet application, patient information can be instantly accessed at any time, and notes from medical examinations and concerns from observations can be shared among patient-related staff.
  • Remote Health Monitoring

    By integrating the management of healthcare information in the Team Cloud, it is possible to achieve paperless and remote access at the same time, allowing medical institutions to remotely monitor patients and companies to manage the health of employees dispatched overseas.
  • Remote Consultation via Video Calls and Chats

    By integrating with MySOS, it enables medical professionals and patients to share real-time condition of patients via video calls and chats to realize efficient online remote consultation.
  • Advanced Security

    • Cloud server is located in Japan
    • Compliant with medical information guidelines (three ministries and two guidelines)
    • Obtained various certifications to handle medical information and personal information safely
      • Privacy Mark certification (No. 10822117)
      • BS EN ISO 13485:2016 (Development and maintenance of medical-related software)
      • ISO/IEC27001:2013 (development and maintenance of medical-related software)
    • TLS1.2/SSL encrypted communication
    • Terminal management by client certificate
    • Remote security lock by MAM.


  • Smooth Information Sharing

    Users' information and progress status can be referred to, and real situations with pictures can be shared from tablet devices and PCs at any time.

  • Operational Efficiency and Optimization

    The paperless system improves the efficiency of communication, and accumilated information on the users' progress allows for optimal response.

  • Information Aggregation by Cloud Computing

    By linking with mobile applications and other systems, various information can be aggregated, and secondary use as Big Data can be realized.

Utilization of Team

  • Remote Medical Monitering Solutions

    By integrating a support app for life-saving and healthcare "MySOS", which has been additionally developed with dedicated functions as a tool to manage patients' physical conditions in a remote environment, with "Team", we are offering it as "remote medical monitoring solutions" that can be used not only for countermeasures against infectious diseases but also for a wider range of use.

    Functions provided
    • Integrated management in the cloud
    • Linkage with "MySOS" smartphone application for patient input
    • Alert notification
    • Linkage with HER-SYS
    • Linkage with AI automatic call service
  • Bi-directional information linkage between medical and nursing care through ID-Link x Team

    "ID-Link" and "Team", the community medical care coordination network services, use the IHE IT infrastructure (ITI) to enable bi-directional information coordination. Medical institutions can use "ID-Link" in their daily operations, while nursing care facilities, home care workers and nurses can use "Team" to achieve information sharing."
  • Support for sharing patient information during emergencies through Team Community Medical Cooperation

    Patient information can be grasped immediately in the event of a sudden change in the condition of a consenting patient in a regional medical network. By referring to the medical information (examination information, prescription information, etc.) and care records registered by the emergency team or the medical institution to which the patient is being transported, it is expected that the waiting time for transport will be reduced and appropriate treatment will be started promptly.

    Sharing of patient information
    • Emergency contacts (family members, etc.)
    • Family doctor (primary doctor, logistic support hospital)
    • Major injuries and diseases, medical history and progress observation (records and photos from the nursing home)
    • Documents (prescription orders, dispensing records, test results, etc.)


  • Revitalization of multidisciplinary communication

    It enables multi-professional communication by sharing information safely among medical and nursing care professionals in the community.

  • Promotion of operational efficiency

    Since information can be entered immediately from a tablet device or PC, it eliminates duplicated entries and unnecessary office visits and results in reduceing work time and increasing productivity.

  • Lifelines in times of disaster

    When disaster happens, the system can be used as an information management tool for people requiring assistance that complements the administrative system.

  • Lowering installation costs

    By adopting a cloud-based system that does not require server equipment, it realizes to reduce the cost of implementation.

Linked Application

By using the tablet application that is linked as part of the Team, it improves the work efficiency of home care workers, home nurses and service managers. Data linkage with other companies' billing software is also possible.

  • Care Workers' Work Made Simpler

    Care Workers can take the advantage of this app to improve the efficiency of preparing daily working reports, resulting in the lighten of the load in shift management, billing and payment work at sevice providers. User information which comprises several hundreds of files can be extracted anywhere and anytime on a single tablet. Also, since such reports of home visits are now documented as data in the cloud server, information can now be shared in real time, preventing missing reports and optimizing the sharing process, resulting in the improvement of the quality of given care. This is a great handover scenatio for Home care system. Just like record sheets, results can be recorded using check marks. So easy that even the ones who dislike IT would be able to use without stress.

  • Simplifying Home Care Nurses' Duties

    The current reporting process at home nursing sites, considered indispensable for the cooperation with doctors, has been a burdensome for nurses and professionals. With Kaigo, this load work can finally be reduced and optimized. Also, since such reports of home visits are now documented as data in the cloud server, information can now be shared in real time, preventing missing reports and optimizing the sharing process, resulting in the imptovement of the quality of nursing. This is a great handover scenario for Home care system.

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