Allm Inc. and its subsidiary companies (hereinafter referred collectively to as “We”, ”Us”, “Our”) proactively integrate information communications technology (ICT), and improve operational efficiency and services while providing developing, maintaining, and operating medical, nursing, and care-related systems as our core business.

At the same time, we establish the following Quality Policy and improve quality as it works to provide products and services that contribute to customers’ peace of mind and satisfaction, and also contribute to society.

  1. We shall provide products and services that meet customer requirements with employees understanding the customer’s point of view, and make quality a top priority.

  2. We shall comply with laws and related regulations to provide safe and reliable products and services.

  3. We shall anticipate the needs of the market and create a functional organization that can quickly and accurately respond to changes thereto.

  4. We shall continue to improve customer’s satisfaction, conduct reviews of quality management in accordance with ISO13485.

  5. Named after the phrase ‘all medical,’ Allm Inc. is dedicated to shaping healthcare. We seek to benefit society by launching next-generation technologies and medical communications platforms for the healthcare industry.

Representative Director
Teppei Sakano
Date enacted:
August 25, 2014
Last revision:
December 12, 2017