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Allm Inc. Provides Diagnostic Data Set Available on “Join” to Support the Fight Against COVID-19

Allm Inc. will provide a collection of coronavirus-related pneumonia chest CT images (hereafter “COVID-19 Image Set”) to medical institutions free of charge.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is expected that the number of cases will increase globally. Currently, PCR is necessary for the definitive diagnosis but the procedure takes time and resources, and thus medical professionals resort to chest CT images for quicker diagnoses. For this reason, with the cooperation of medical institutions in Japan, Allm will provide the COVID-19 Image Set to share distinctive qualities when reading images. It’ll be provided for free worldwide and regularly updated. Through Allm’s communication platform, Join, medical professionals can access the COVID-19 Image Set in its DICOM viewer feature. Join will be provided for free, and Allm hopes these efforts will help control the spread of COVID-19 around the world.

Contents of Support
The COVID-19 Image Set will be provided free of charge to medical institutions in Japan and abroad, for the purpose of improving diagnostic accuracy of COVID-19 pneumonia cases. Each case includes information such as symptoms and progress.

●Campaign Period
Until the situation is determined to be under control by the Japanese government. We’ll notify you of the end of the free offer period to the e-mail address of the eligible Join ID.

Available for healthcare professionals, such as doctors and laboratory technicians in domestic and international medical institutions.

Please indicate your interest and contact us from the link below. Our staff will respond as soon as possible.
・If you’re already using Join, please contact us with your Join ID (e-mail address), name, medical institution and your department.
・If you’re not registered with Join yet, we’ll temporarily provide an ID.

【Concerning the use of the COVID-19 Image Set】
The images provided in this initiative will be made available only for educational purposes.
Allm Inc. may change all or part of the contents of this initiative without notice, take measures deemed necessary to ensure proper operation of this initiative, or terminate this initiative early due to various circumstances. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

The user is responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of the COVID-19 Image Set for non-educational purposes, and Allm cannot be held responsible for any such loss or damage.

Allm is also seeking cases that can be offered as COVID-19 case files. If you’d like to provide a case, please contact us at the address below.

■About Allm Inc.
Allm Inc. is a Japan-based company providing ICT mobile solutions in medicine and healthcare. We are actively engaged in global expansion of our medical ICT business, which includes “Join,” a communication platform for medical professionals, and provide solutions to 19 countries.

Contact Information
Allm Inc.
Team Platform Department
TEL: 03-6418-3012

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