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MySOS A support app for life-saving and healthcare

Wide range of support from daily health management to emergency situations

MySOS is an application that keeps a record of your and your family’s health and medical care, and supports a smooth response to emergencies.
It supports daily health management keeping Personal Health Record, first-aid and basic life support in case of emergencies, rescue requests, contacting to medical professionals and your family.
You can receive the results of health checkups and PCR test, dialysis history, etc. from affiliated medical institutions.


  • My clinical record

    Your medication history (prescriptions), medical referral letters, case or medical history, examination results, and other information can be easily collected using the camera scanning feature.

    Manage your family's medical information in one place!
    MySOS app enables you and your family to share healthcare-related information including pre-existing conditions, medications, prescription history, dialysis record, hospital visits, family doctor and medical images. For children and seniors who do not necessarily have the app, their information can still be registered and updated through use of family account. The registered information can be easily shared or transferred among the family members using a QR code.

    Receive medical checkup results on your smartphone!
    After medical checkups at clinics, you can receive and check results including medical images such as MRI and CT.
    *Registration to the app is required.
    *Only available to hospitals and clinics affiliated with MySOS.
  • First-aid and emergency assistance

    Basic life support
    In an emergency, the app offers instructions for basic first-aid and lifesaving techniques such as chest compressions and the recovery position. An emergency notification text message can be sent to emergency medical services and pre-registered emergency contacts.

    Medical emergency guides for adults and children
    How to react and administer first-aid if someone suddenly falls ill.
    According to the symptom, we suggest the response method recommended by the degree of urgency of 3 to 5 grades.

    First-aid guide (Editorial supervision by Japanese Red Cross)
    The included first-aid guide tells you how to handle medical emergencies such as bone fractures, dislocated joints, and burns. The guidelines are provided by the Japanese Red Cross Society.
  • Emergency calls

    Rescue request can be sent to pre-registered family members, and also to individuals who are physically nearby and have installed MySOS.

    Video telephone call
    Free and anonymous video telephone calls are available to patients who make emergency calls through MySOS and the recipients of the calls.
    The recipients can find the exact location of the patient or check the symptoms before they arrive at the patient's location.

    Dialing emergency number
    You can dial the emergency number and send a rescue request at the same time.
    *Currently available only in Japan, Taiwan and Brazil.
  • AED / Medical facility search

    You can search for AED/Medical facilities in the surrounding areas on a map. The various institutions are listed by name with distances from your present location. Tapping the list displays detailed information on AED/Medical facilities.
    *Currently available only in Japan, Taiwan and Brazil.


  • Personal Health Records

    Register and manage vitals such as temperature, physical condition, and blood pressure. It can be linked to healthcare applications.

  • Family Health Care

    Along with your own information, you can also manage the health and medication information of your children and elderl family members who do not have the app.

  • Communication with Medical Institutions

    You can communicate with collaborating hospitals and clinics via video calls and chats.

  • Send out SOS

    You can easily send an SOS to other MySOS users nearby as well as to emergency contacts.

  • First-aid Guide

    First-aid guide to support various emergencies, including a primary life support guide.

  • AED and Medical Facility Search

    You can search for AED/Medical facilities in the surrounding areas on a map. The various institutions are listed by name with distance from your present location.

Utilization of MySOS

  • Notification of PCR Test Results

    PCR test results will be sent directly to MySOS app. If you are tested at a hospital, results are usually available on the same day.
    *Available only at medical institutions affiliated with MySOS.

    Affiliated institutions:
  • Quick Access to Dialysis History

    The most recent dialysis history will be sent to your MySOS app.
    In an event of emergencies, natural disasters for instance, having your own dialysis history in your own device allows continued treatment even if it is unable to receive dialysis from your primary facility.
    *Available only at medical institutions affiliated with MySOS.

    Affiliated institutions:
    Inoue Hospital (Suita city, Osaka)
  • An Infectious Disease Control Solution, MyPass

    MyPass, a solution for fighting against Covid-19 infections at large-scale events, allows participants or spectators to register daily physical conditions and antibody test results, and to notify the results of PCR tests on the day of the event.

    "MyPass" has been provided for the government's technological demonstration of a "vaccination and testing information". Learn more
  • Use at sports competitions and other events

    MySOS supports efficient rescue operations in events of medical emergency at events such as marathon competitions.
    By installing MySOS on rescue team members' smartphones, event organizers are able to locate participants in need of medical assistance on map, so that the rescue team can quickly respond.


  • Access to healthcare information

    Vital information, health checkups and test results can be managed all at once, and the data can be checkd anytime, anywhere.

  • Remote medical support

    Integrating health care services, remote support from nurses and dietitians via video calls and chats can be received according to health care needs.

  • Seamless sharing function

    Vital data, test results, diagnostic images, etc. can be shared through Team and Join.

  • Instant SOS Signalling

    You can send and receive SOS requests when there is an emergency nearby. Also use the app to emergency call.

Case Studies

  • ticket board × MySOS

    Learn more

    The collaboration service between ticket board, an electronic ticketing service operated by BOARDWALK, and MySOS will support businesses that hold events with the private use of vaccine passports.
    Since it is an electronic ticket, everything from sales to admission can be handled online, and information on all visitors can be monitored. By using MySOS to register and manage your own health status, PCR and antigen test results, vaccination records, etc., you can use it as a digital passport for vaccines and tests, allowing you to run safe and secure events even during the COVID-19 calamity.

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PCT application JP2014/073181 patent pending

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