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Allm Inc. raises capital through third-party allotment to DeNA Co., Ltd. and SEIBU REALTY SOLUTIONS INC.


Allm Inc. is pleased to announce that it has raised 24.7 billion yen through a third-party allotment of new shares to DeNA Co., Ltd. and SEIBU REALTY SOLUTIONS INC.

Allm will use the funds to accelerate DX in the medical and nursing care field by developing new solutions specialized in telemedicine and connecting existing solutions with IoT devices. In addition, the company aims to further expand its business globally and achieve business growth and expansion both in Japan and overseas.

Allm Inc. is a Japan-based company providing ICT mobile solutions, helping to eliminate disparities and inefficiencies in healthcare, while increasing the access to quality care and wellbeing for all. Allm is actively engaged in global expansion of its medical ICT business, which includes “Join,” a communication app for medical professionals, and with offices in 8 countries (the United States, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Chile, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Kenya), provides solutions to a total of 30 countries.

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