【MySOS】Privacy Policy

Allm Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Allm”, "we" or “us”) will handle information containing personal information ("Personal Information") concerning the users ("Users" or “User”) of [MySOS] (this "Application") provided by us, in accordance with the following privacy policy (this "Policy").

1. Name of application provider who acquires information

Allm Inc.

2.User information to be acquired, the purpose of use, method of acquisition

Information of Users to be acquired, the purpose of use, and the method of acquisition are as follows:

User Information Purpose of Use Method of Acquisition
・OS name, version
・Device Name
・User Agent
・A randomly generated universally unique identifier (UUID) unique to this Application
・Activity log
For provision and improvement of this Application and Services Automatic acquisition by Application
・Device token For push notifications for this Application Automatic acquisition by Application
・Mail address and password
・Profile (name, pronunciation, date of birth, sex, blood type, height, weight)
For (a) authentication of members of the Services and provision of the Services as well as (b) for displaying advertisements by the Company or for a third party Entry by Users
・Health information (number of steps, body temperature/symptoms, blood pressure/heart rate, body weight/body fat)
・Vaccination history, drugs, prescription history, hospital visit history, family physician, test results, dialysis history, and health examination results.
For provision of the Services Entry by Users
Data registration from affiliated medical institutions
・Geolocation data(GPS data) Obtain location information and display neighboring medical facilities and AED information on the map. The rescue request will be directed to the SOS receiver in the neighborhood based on the acquired location information and provide the location from which the request is made. Automatic acquisition by this Application with consent from each User
・Call History To provide this Services Automatic acquisition by Application
・Sound data
・Video data
To provide this Services Video recording by users
・Bluetooth data
Bluetooth is used to control switching of audio devices. SSID and BSSID is used to check status of telecommunication. Automatic acquisition by Application
・Camera data
・Image data
・File data
To provide this Services To get the data with the consent of the user
・Call number
To provide this Services To get the data with the consent of the user
・Other information entered by Users on this Application For provision of the Services Entry by Users

3.Methods of notification, publication, or obtaining consent, and involvement of Users

    1. Notification and publication
    2. Notifications and publications regarding this Policy as well as Allm’s Privacy Policy will be published on this Application or our website.

    3. Method of obtaining consent
    4. Consent from Users will be obtained when each User first launches this Application.
      For medical institutions to which we provide this Application or participants in demonstration research, consent will be obtained separately from that obtained upon the first launching of this Application.

    5. Method of user involvement
    6. If this Application is deleted (uninstalled) from User’s device, acquisition of User information will automatically and immediately be suspended.

4.External transmission, provision to third parties and information collection modules

    1. External transmission
    2. The information acquired from Users will be transmitted to the hosting company's servers to whom we delegate administration.

    3. Provision to third parties
    4. User information we acquire may be provided to third parties in the following cases.
      ・If provided in the form where Users cannot be identified, such as statistical data.
      ・When required under laws and/or regulations to disclose or provide such information.
      In addition to the above, we provide Personal Information to affiliated pharmaceutical companies, including a company located in the United States.
      The United States does not have comprehensive personal data protection laws, excluding some states, but is a member of the Cross-Border Privacy Rules System. Therefore, the private sector in the United States, including the company to which we provide Personal Information, is generally considered to protect personal information at the same level as required in Japan. Such company processes Personal Information appropriately and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
      As far as we have investigated in an appropriate manner, there is no system in the United States that may significantly impact the rights and interests of Users.
      As stated above, the company to which we provide Personal Information has taken measures that are generally equivalent to those required by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Japan.

    5. Information collection modules
    6. The following information collection modules are incorporated into this Application:
      ・Business operator: Google Inc.
      ・name of information collection modules: Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics


Please direct your inquiries about our handling of User information such as comments, inquiries, and complaints about this Policy to the following:

Allm Personal Information Contact: Email: privacy@allm.jp


We may amend this Policy at any time in our sole discretion. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if our amendment to this Policy concerns either User information to be acquired, the purpose of use, or provision to third parties, such amendment will be announced on this Application or our website, and consent will be obtained from each User when the User first launches this Application after the amendment.

7.Allm Privacy Policy

Any matters not provided herein will be governed by the Allm Privacy Policy.
Click here for Allm Privacy Policy

8.Date of last revision

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