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Works with PHILIPS


  • Integrated with Philips Anti-Infectious Disease Solutions

    It enables to remotely provide two-way monitoring support for medical procedures in enclosed spaces such as ICU.


  • Integrated with Philips mobile 12-lead ECG

    Integrating with 12-lead ECG to send ECG images, which are essential information for diagnosis at emergency, to Join’s group chat room of a transferred hospital easily and quickly.


  • Integrated with Philips oral care solution “Sonicare”

    By sharing information on oral care at home and in elderly care facilities among multiple professionals, including the primary doctor, it enables to prevent frailty and other problems.


  • Integrated with Philips IoT emergency call device “SOS button”

    Integration with the IoT device “SOS Button”
    By registering the location of the SOS button in advance, when the button is pressed, a notification of rescue request with location information will be sent to relevant people with MySOS. The SOS button is used for emergency rescue at medical and public facilities, and as a nurse call replacement at facilities for people recovering from COVID-19.

    • LTE-M communication standard
    • Notification range setting function for rescuers
    • Display of rescue locations and AED locations on MAP
    • Easy installation without any construction work

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