What is Team?

Team is a solution to support promoting a local health care and medical cooperation.
"Kango" app for home nursing service providers and "kaigo" app for home care providers allow them to create healthcare and medical treatment records and share the information with each other in the community.

Related patents, registered patents

  • Patent No.5344778
  • Patent No.5752835

Inquiries about Team

What is Team cloud system?

Team cloud system supports local medical and healthcare service for 24 hours, 365 days.
When health care and medical personnel (doctors, nurses, care workers, care managers, physical therapists, etc.) log in, the system shows a customized menu for each respective occupation or position.
From medical information, you can register nursing care or healthcare plans and records, as well as share comprehensive information for cooperation.
The app is also linked to major nursing care and health care software vendors, and supports auditing, billing and payment work.

Advantages of using Team

1. Real-time Sharing of Information Transcending Occupation and Distance

  • Patient information can be referred to at any time immediately from tablets and PCs.
  • Important points based on examination and concerns from observations can be shared among staffs related to the users.
  • Effect can be demonstrated also in the guarantee of basic information at the time of disaster.

2. Overwhelming Improvements in Business Efficiency

  • Realtime patients information of progress helps prompt actions in care of emergency.
  • Several report formats are optimized for cooperation between each respective occupation.
  • Correspond histories are easy to follow in a simple screen, can be used for education contents too.

3. Improved Motivation and Quality of Services

  • Cooperating with various occupations in terms of intention as well creates a sense of security and responsibility and helps increase motivation.
  • Consistent service can be provided even among multiple patients and many occupations.
  • Headquarters and staff on visits cooperate by "Team" which decreases the need for telephone contact and allows them to concentrate on their duties.

4. High security

  • ISMS certification (No.61036) for a security authentication.
  • privacy mark (No.10822117) for a privacy protection.
  • access restrictions by verifing the client certificate.

Management of Personal Information by Patients and Family

Handling personal information has always been sensitive,
with confidential data such as, medical records and family information.
As a result, handling such delicate information requires patients to consent and agree on the Terms of Services,
which has become a hassle for health care and medical personnel. To overcome this issue,
mobile technology could be the conduit for a new relationship model,
where patients and family would actively participate themselves in the healthcare process.
Using MySOS, patients and family can use the apps to actively disclose their medical record and information to the nursing and medical institutions.
This heightens the sense of participation and reduces the load placed on the medical institution.

Installation Case Studies