What is MySOS?

Get support quickly in case of illness

This smartphone app keeps track of you and your family’s health and medical treatments to ensure a smooth response in case you suddenly fall ill. MySOS helps emergency medical services achieve higher survival rates; provides a community self-help platform; reduces the cost of medical treatment; and more.

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  • Patent No.5583256
  • PCT application JP2014/073181 patent pending

Inquiries about MySOS

Conference and Exhibition

My clinical record (medical checkup results)

Your medication history (prescriptions), medical referral letters, case or medical history, examination results, and other information can be easily collected using the camera scanning feature.

You can receive medical checkup results on your smartphone.

After the medical check-up at clinics, you can receive and check the results and medical images such as MRI.
* Registration to the app is required.
* Only available to hospitals and clinics affiliated with MySOS.

Call from lock screen

MySOS features can be launched by tapping a button even if the smart phone is locked.
*Only supported in Android version.

First-aid and emergency assistance

Basic life support

In an emergency, the app offers instructions for basic first-aid and lifesaving techniques such as chest compressions and the recovery position. An emergency notification text message can be sent to emergency medical services and pre-registered emergency contacts.

Medical emergency guides for adults and children

How to react and administer first-aid if someone suddenly falls ill.
According to the symptom, we suggest the response method recommended by the degree of urgency of 3 to 5 grades.

First-aid guide (Editorial supervision by Japanese Red Cross)

The included first-aid guide tells you how to handle medical emergencies such as bone fractures, dislocated joints, and burns. The guidelines are provided by the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Emergency calls

Send emergency calls to nearby medical professionals who have MySOS installed and registered emergency contacts such as family members.
When an emergency call comes in, a map with the route from their current location to the scene of the emergency shows up. The distance and travel time are also displayed.

Video telephone call

Free and anonymous video telephone calls are available to patients who make emergency calls through MySOS and the recipients of the calls.
The recipients can find the exact location of the patient or check the symptoms before they arrive at the patient's location.

Dialing emergency number

You can dial the emergency number and send a rescue request at the same time.
*Currently available only in Japan, Taiwan, and Brazil.

AED / Medical facility search

You can search for AED/Medical facilities in the surrounding areas on a map. The various institutions are listed by name with distances from your present location. Tapping the list displays detailed information on AED/Medical facilities.
*Currently only in Japan

MyInsurance (free)

MyInsurance is a complimentary insurance consulting service for MySOS users.
*Service only available inside Japan.

Case Study / Integration example

●Use by local governments and fire stations

Rescue participation requests can be sent from the emergency control room to those available to respond to emergencies. Nearby responders are notified of the location of the emergency by an emergency services call and location information entered in the management screen of the system. The local lifesaving survival rate can be improved by getting local doctors, nurses, and participants in lifesaving courses, for instance, to register as responders with MySOS.

●Integration example

MySOS integrated in app for mountain climbers
MySOS has cooperated with a mountain guide association that publishes an app for mountain climbers and added a button to open MySOS directly from within their app.
The climbers’ app allows you to download Japanese mountain maps before climbing for offline access. Climbers can also share their climbing plan and current location with family.
With this integration, the app can now assist climbers in case of emergency through MySOS. First-aid guidance is available, and a rescue request can be sent to other climbers who have MySOS.

Demonstration drill
A lot of climbers visit Mt. Fuji from home and abroad every year. Shizuoka prefecture ran a drill for emergencies involving climbers on September 4th, 2015.
The demonstration was conducted by Shizuoka Prefecture, the fire department of Shizuoka, the Mt. Fuji Mountain Rescue Team, and Shizuoka General Hospital. The authorities used MySOS and Join to share information with each other efficiently under multiple conceivable emergency cases such as a volcanic eruption and other natural disasters.

●Use at marathon competitions and other events

MySOS supports rescue operations at marathon competitions and other events.
By installing MySOS on rescue team members' smartphones, an administraror can specify their locations and where rescue requests were sent from on the control screen in management office.
If you send a rescue request, rescue team members nearby receive your location information and they can arrive rapidly by checking the map.