What is JoinTriage?

A race against time for stroke and cardiac disease patients

The time from onset to the start of treatment greatly affects the survival rate and prognosis of stroke and heart disease patients.
The “JoinTriage” app helps paramedics and EMTs quickly and accurately triage patients, ensuring that they receive the care they need as quickly as possible.

Inquiries about JoinTriage

Conference and Exhibition

Emergency Transport Triage

JoinTriage provides several assessment scales (FAST-ED, RACE, C-STAT, VAN, etc.) commonly used among EMS providers.
Question responses, such as the onset time, are used to evaluate symptoms of stroke or cardiac disease. The patient’s condition is summarized with a score and accompanied by other useful information such as the probability of severe outcomes, when applicable. A map is presented, showing a list of recommended medical centers best suited to treat the patient (IV tPA, thrombectomy, etc.).

* Types of assessment scales can be changed without prior notice.
* The app uses a curated list of medical centers.

Hospital Mode

This is a customized mode for in-hospital users.
The assessment results are accompanied by a list of answers. The map and list of recommended medical centers are hidden.

Connect with medical institutions

By integrating with Join, a communication app for medical professionals, assessment results can be shared with medical centers.
Sharing information in advance leads to a further reduction in the time from onset to the start of treatment.

Integration with ECG

Electrocardiogram data can be shared by linking an ambulance’s electrocardiograph with Join.

* Registering a JoinTriage and Join account is required.