Medical device registrations

In July of 2015, Join received third-party certification as a class II medical device in Japan.
The device is listed as a system for providing general image diagnostics workstations.
The registered product name is “A program for a general image diagnosis Join.”
Certification number: 227AOBZX00007Z00
Classification category: Designated controlled medical device

Join was also listed as a class I medical device by the FDA in July of 2015.

Join has also received a class I medical device CE Declaration of Conformity in October of 2015.

*This page includes content for medical professionals.

What is Join?

At emergency care facilities

"I need advice ASAP… how can I reach a specialist?"
It’s a typical scenario — the ER team needs information, and fast. Join provides it at the tap of a screen.
Join is a communication app designed for physicians and other medical professionals. By enabling connections with PACS (picture archiving and communication systems) and other systems; Join allows professionals to share clinical medical information in order to achieve greater diagnostic precision and better patient care.

Join AI Connect

Join AI Connect is an AI diagnostic support solution powered by Join's cloud platform.

Inquiries about Join

Conference and Exhibition


  • 2020 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards 'Nikkei Business Daily Awards'

Activate Communication

Utilizing "mobile devices" and various ways of communication such as messaging, sending images, and video chatting allows you to share medical information smoothly and effectively, anytime and anywhere.
Administrator approval enables inter-hospital collaboration as well as further communication between medical personnel.

Communication Functions;

  • One-on-one messaging
  • Group chat
  • Posting images
  • Read information
  • Medical stickers
  • Video chat etc.

Cooperation with Inner-hospital Systems

Cooperating with PACS and other inner-hospital systems allows medical images on Cloud server to be shared with members by posting them in a chat room. You can see medical images such as MRI, CT, etc. and also write, edit, and save them using DICOM viewer, which is provided as a standard function.

Functions of DICOM viewer;

  • Page feeding
  • Rescaling
  • WW/WL setting
  • Screen splitting
  • Measuring distances/angles
  • Setting ROI etc.

Streaming Live Feed Video / Time Tracker

Streaming Live Feed Video

You can check live feed streamed video in real time from inside and/or outside of the hospital by installing cameras in wards, ICUs, operating rooms, etc. by connecting these with "Join".
*This function is optional

Time Tracker

You can track the location of affiliated ambulances, enabling complete preparation for surgery by the time an ambulance arrives at a hospital. Also, you can record emergency medical events as timestamp data.

Wide Range of Use from in a Hospital to Inter-hospital Collaboration

Inside and outside a hospital

"Join" allows you to have a consultation or to share medical information smoothly by messaging or sending images not only inside the hospital but also when a specialized physician is off-site (for example, during nighttime and/or holidays).

For inter-hospital collaboration

Collaboration with several hospitals facilitates case consultation and patient referral. In emergency cases, hospitals can exchange patients information instantly and optimize emergency transportations.

High Level Security

The security measures below are implemented to maximize the protection of customer privacy:

  • Anonymity processing for patients' personal information by gateway server
  • Encrypting chat data which was saved on device
  • Encrypting by using VPN connection between Inner-hospital system and Cloud
  • TLS/SSL encryption between devices and Cloud
  • Preventing unauthorized access by requiring passcode at application startup
  • Non-downloadable medical images (clearing cache each time)
  • ISMS (ISO27001) certified