The definitive tool of retail analytics utilizing BI (Business Intelligence) system


What is FollowUP?

The number of people entering and leaving stores is automatically counted by an advanced means of image recognition using a video camera. By linking that information to a POS system, data indispensable for store operation such as purchasing rate, effective operating times and optimal arrangement of merchandise display shelves can be obtained and out to use in improving the efficiency of store operation and operation strategies. Also, convenient and low-cost introduction is achieved by using a mobile network and the cloud.

FollowUP is the top selling definitive tool of retail analytics in Japan.
It is provided in nine countries in the world, and being used in various scenes from individual stores through to large-scale shopping malls.
More than a hundred companies are using FollowUP in the world, such as the United States, China, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and India besides Japan.
We are constantly working to design and provide new features and improve algorithms in response to customer needs both in Japan and overseas.
Please use our state-of-the-art global services that are evolving in real time.

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Various Analytical Methods Adjusted to the Needs

1. Improvement of Sales Promotion Expenses

A/B testing, such as media + creative content + area, can be easily conducted. Reliable effectiveness measurement achieves improvements in sales promotion expenses and effectiveness of sales promotion.

2. Setting of Purchasing Rate by Time and Accurate Personnel Assignment (weekdays and weekends)

The number of store visitors is quantified and purchasing rate can be checked in real time. This enables personnel assignment to be reliably predicted and personnel expenses to be optimally adjusted.

3. VMD/Campaigns Linked to Weather

The number of store visitors and purchasing rate before and after sales promotions is analyzed based on stock and best-selling goods so that effective sales promotion and VMD linked to not just season but also current weather information are implemented.

4. Quantitative Personnel Assessment and Sales Plans

When the same sales promotion activities are conducted nationwide, the number of store visitors can be checked in real time to find out the results of sales personnel under the same conditions, predicted sales of each store and indices.

5. Establishment of KPI at Open/Closure of Stores, Data for Negotiating Rents

Accurate information ascertained about the number of store visitors and passersby can be used as the basis for making clear judgments at open/closure of stores and data for negotiating rents.


Easy-to-use Management Screen

This simple, easy-to-use management screen can be used not just for checking data but also as a communication tool.