AcaMed is an academic online medical community that advances medical research by using the latest information and communication technologies

What is AcaMed?

A platform for medical science

Doctors are busier than ever these days. Advances in medical technologies now require doctors to have a deeper and more specialized knowledge of both clinical and research activities. AcaMed is a general platform that supports experts conducting academic research at medical research centers, scientific societies and research institutions. Currently, AcaMed is used by over 1,000 universities and scientific societies in Japan and elsewhere, with the number of users having exceeded the 130,000 mark.

Inquiries about AcaMed

Freely available platform

The AcaMed platform provides various IT tools that help medical scientific societies and organizations launch and operate websites free of charge. These tools let users build websites without the usual expenses for site design, domains, maintenance, and hosting. A wide range of features is available including membership management, collection of membership fees, video publishing, e-journal publishing, online conferencing, examination of case histories, scientific society notices, and lecture invitations. AcaMed uses the internet to enhance learning.

Domestic site
m3.com学会研究会 (operated by MPLUS Inc. as a joint venture with M3 Inc.)

Brazilian site
AcaMed Brazil (in Portuguese)

Interdisciplinary academic knowledge transfer across regional and occupational boundaries

By providing information on the activities of various medical scientific societies to the vast users of AcaMed, AcaMed links organizations across a range of different fields and enables recruitment (which increases the number of participants at society meetings). Medical professionals can also manage the information of their affiliated groups, affiliates and recommended groups in an integrated manner and view these on the AcaMed site.

Modern capabilities

Advanced features such as electronic viewers for journal reading, software for viewing archived conference videos, lectures and case histories, medical image viewers, and video conferencing capabilities are available. The platform also enables membership management, the collection of membership fees, and conference event management tools to support the smooth organization of medical scientific societies and organizations.