Advances in Stroke

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Thrombectomy for Stroke in the Public Health Care System of Brazil

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The advent of medical artificial intelligence: lessons from the Japanese approach

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計測と制御 59巻 4号

Validation of a Smartphone Application in the Evaluation and Treatment of Acute Stroke in a Comprehensive Stroke Center

Stroke – AHA Journals

Pre-hospital Assessment of Large Vessel Occlusion Strokes: Implications for Modeling and Planning Stroke Systems of Care

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Empirical efficiency gains of high-speed UDP-based protocols in realistic settings

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Extending battery lifetime of mobile devices with geofence capabilities on dynamic-speed urban environments

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Inferring User Context from Spatio-Temporal Pattern Mining for Mobile Application Services

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Building OLAP Data Analytics by Storing Path-Enumeration Keys into Sorted Sets of Key-Value Store Databases

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Scalable Distributed Architecture for Media Transcoding

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Introduction to the Japanese Digital TV Standard(日本のデジタルテレビシステム入門編/Spanish)

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A visited item frequency based recommender system: experimental evaluation and scenario description

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E-MAC: an elastic MAC layer for IEEE 802.11 networks

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Robust video fingerprinting system / Encluster 3.0 Media Transcode Cluster

Robust video fingerprinting system MORE

Using recommender systems to improve revenues from advertising in e-content sites

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Evaluation of a practical fingerprinting system

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Real-time Moving Object Tracking in H.264/AVC Video based on Motion Compensation Block Size and Forward Motion Vector Information

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Robust video fingerprinting system

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Recommender System for Contextual Advertising in IPTV Scenarios

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PR-SCTP for Real Time H.264/AVC Video Streaming

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